December 26-March 21 2010

Opening 7pm, December 26th, 2009

Clear Spring School is a small private school in Eureka Springs, Arkansas with a unique curriculum encouraging hands on teaching with their students.  From woodworking to enviromental studies, camping to conflict resolution, children pre-K to 12th grade learn together on 16 wooded acres near the Victorian town of Eureka Springs.  The Artist-in-Residence program gives students the opportunity to work with visual artists, musicians, dancers and performers to create a communal art project and learn about techniques and skills in the making of art.  This past fall, gallery artist LDDD worked with the children of Clear Spring School and with them, created a “Dream House” of bamboo where the children could leave their visions and drawings inside.  Heath Piper, a renowned bag-piper from England,taught the children to make pan pipes out of the cut pieces of bamboo and taught them how to play on them.  LDDD’s paintings and sculptures by John Stalling,  inspired by the school’s surroundings complete the exhibit of the childrens’ work. Through March 21st