Brooklyn Openings and Shows: Continued…

After visiting the Boiler@Pierogi (see below) my Virgil, Garry Nichols took me to Janet Kurnatowski Gallery to see Ben LaRocco and Craig Olsen’s show “Love’s Uncomprehending Smile”.  First off,  I was totally charmed by the gallery’s corner space on the intersection of  Norman and Moultre streets in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn.  The show was beautifully lit and the effect was understated and elegant.  Ben and Craig’s artworks are a whimsical voyage through quasi-nautical themes, naif folk genres, and outsider art references.  It was as if the two had just returned from sailing around the world and then lived to tell the tale with this exhaustive body of work!   Strange dragons mingled with staring eyes, deep whirlpools butted up against mythological  stick figures and random pictograms.  There may not have intentionally been a narrative but I couldn’t help relating one piece to the other as the intermingled installation created conversations about and between themselves.

Opening of "Love's Uncompromising Smile" Ben La Rocco and Craig Olsen at Janet Kurnatowski Gallery

Janet Kurnatowski was the beautiful Calypso to this odyssey and as a newly minted gallerista myself, I left with the mental note to always dress one’s best at an opening as a little glamour goes a long way in presenting art!

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