I’ve been a follower of Mr. Crull’s paintings since the early days when he was showing in NYC’s Lower East Side and later at the M-13 Gallery in SoHo. Although a longtime resident of New York City, Ford also maintains a studio in the Catskills Mountains near Woodstock, NY. It is here that I enjoy Ford’s paintings the most: the intimate encounter surrounded by nature. His new studio is hidden in the woods behind his simple mountain cabin and blends in with the lush forested surroundings. Ford’s work has long called on the mystical for inspiration and his process involves a constant invocation of symbols that tell a timeless story. The gift of being allowed to visit an artists studio and being privileged to see their process is that you see the layers of art clearly which later merge and become a magical presence in the finished work. This time, I saw the whirling, uplifting space that made me think of the painted ceilings of Tiepolo. For the first time, I was aware of how Ford Crull creates a physical sensation in the viewer of vertigo as you feel your center ascend into a brilliant height (or contrarily, descend into a dark comforting depth). It’s the art that makes one emotionally fly, swim, float or coast and Mr. Crull controls the velocity, tension and power like a master Commodore. More of Ford’s latest work can be seen in Seattle July 1-Aug 3