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Adrian Frost

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Adrian Frost has been an artist-in-residence at 11 Cross Gallery and the character of this space took its cue from his energy and work.  In person, Adrian is a powerful, compassionate and  inspiring personality.  He creates an enviroment around himself  that demands participation: there is no such thing as a passive observer in Adrian’s world.  This participation can be by stepping over a pile of salt cushioning a block of driftwood, crouching around a tipped form to view the reverse side or recoiling from the jagged edges of broken glass.

An encounter with Adrian is always memorable as is any encounter with his art.  At first, one is struck by the “arte povera” qualities: chipped plexiglass, broken planks, plateglass “mended” by masking tape  but on closer examination everything is beautifully crafted, deliberate and secure.  The appearance of fragility is purely deceptive as the strength of the artist’s message emerges.

"those who know speak not..." by Adrian Frost upright view courtesty the Image Factory

In his paintings, Adrian combats space forging not so much letters but forms that individually embody the power of the entire word.  Painted phrases such as: “improvised explosive device” or “have a nice day” invoke a new meaning when the space of each painted character is fought for with a passionate brush. In his sculptures, Adrian  chisels cryptic poems into weathered wood.  A long bench states: “those who know speak not, those who speak, know not”  and the interiors of the hewn letters are painstakingly lined in sterling silver leaf.  The installation of this piece, like many others, will shift depending on context and enviroment.  Sometimes, Adrian has exhibited “those who know…” as an upright bench, other times it has been shown face down, barely legible save by looking at a mirror placed underneath and partially obscured by coarse rock salt.   This sculpture, installed as a functional bench, invites body contact yet another placement puts the work out of reach by making its meaning more obscure.  Other artwork can be buried in dirt, shielded behind broken glass or flipped to the wall (“One Man” 11crossgallery Saugerties, NY 13 August 2010), and yet in another incarnation  (“Another Circle” Emerson Resort, Mount Tremper NY 4 June 2010), the same work can manifest a table, exhibit handsome framing or be mounted like a ladder inviting ascension.
Adrian’s next show “Introducing Furies: The Erinyes, Cthonic Deites Supernatural Personifications of the Anger of the Dead” opens September 3, 2011 3-5pm at The Art Colony Eureka Springs , Arkansas.

Supporting Wildlife Conservation through Art

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Lion by Clint Matheny

Steuben Holds Silent Auction to Help Endangered Species

African Wildlife Conservation doesn’t seem to have much to do with the public arts or art exhibits. Most art exhibits are well-publicized public events that last for a few weeks and are kicked-off with an opening party attended by friends and art patrons. But there is also another kind of art exhibit that is a bit more ephemeral lasting only 24 hours and the gala opening serves as the closing as well. These one-nighters are silent art auctions for charity and one has to be lucky to find out about the event in order to attend. Generally speaking, the silent auction is not advertised to the public but to a targeted select list of collectors and it isn’t easy to find out where they may be happening. But in the case of a recent show at Steuben on behalf of the  African Wildlife Foundation, the search was worth it! 



Endangered Animals in Africa Protected by Crystal

The theme of the evening was wildlife conservation and protecting endangered species. As makers of the world’s finest crystal and glass, Steuben has a long history of recreating the natural world in crystal and its collaborative relationships with artists such as Kiki Smith, is an appropriate fine arts sponsor for the African Wildlife Foundation Fundraiser. The AWF is dedicated to rebalancing the relationship between mankind and the endangered animals found in the fragile landscape of Africa and the silent auction artists were chosen for the expression of their empathy with the animal world in their art. And the roster was impressive!     

Photography of Wildlife & Original Art

Upon first entering the Steuben gallery, one was confronted by Gina Magid’s large watercolor on paper of a ephemeral tiger and his powerful reflection in the water below. Next, was Hunt Slonem’s vigorous painting of a parrot and a Karen Heagle nude being suggestively visited by a snake rendered in ink wash. The Hilton Brothers (Chris Makos and Paul Solberg) created a visceral sensation with their photo diptych of a massive horse’s chest paired with a fragile stem of eucalyptus. John Huba, Jean DeBartolo and Robin Rice donated magnificent images of endangered elephants and the wildlife photography of Sheila Metzner, Richie Williamson and Clint Metheny were represented by lions in their natural African habitat. Wayne Maser, Marie Havens, Peter Bogardus and William Coupon turned their camera lens towards the people of the endangered African habitat, capturing the fragile harmony of mankind with his environment.     

Gallery at Steuben Glass

Gina Magrid painting on paper hanging in the Steuben Gallery

The artists who donate to a charity fundraiser, such wildlife preservation, offer an opportunity for the buyer to not only purchase their work at a discount (if they are lucky) but also receive a tax-deduction from the IRS. Non-profit organizations depend on the generosity of artists who believe in their causes as an important resource in their fundraising. In exchange, the artists get to donate to causes they find compelling and the union of cause, ethics, and belief creates a powerful event that echoes long after the evening is over. In an interview with Lesley Hauge and Sian Ballen for the New York Social Diary, Hunt Slonem says about animals “They’re here to comfort us….they are here to help us.” And it is imperative that mankind helps endangered animals and contribute to wildlife preservation.     

A good online resource for finding out about upcoming charity events in the New York City area is by checking: 

Additional Wildlife Protection Efforts

In addition to the silent auction to support African Wildlife conservation Steuben has introduced The Big 5 Collection. To support these endangered habitats of these species, from September through December 10% of all proceeds from these designs will benefit the African Wildlife Foundation. Steuben has also begun a social effort to bring awareness to the need to protect the Big 5 on Facebook with a cause campaign. More information regarding theCause to Protect the Big 5 can be found on the Steuben Facebook page at (more…)